Worry Kit

Bite-sized Mental Health App

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Mental health for

in between meetings.
the morning commute.
your coffee break.
waiting in line.
when you can't meditate.

What's in your Worry Kit?

Breathing Exercises

Mindful Visuals

Calming Activities

Why Worry Kit?

Relief in the Moment

Negative thoughts can overwhelm and paralyze us. Via a variety of therapy-informed techniques, Worry Kit helps you defuse and find relief from your negative thoughts.

Mindful Strategies

Meditation is effective and useful, but sometimes you're not in the right place or mindset. Worry Kit can assist you in finding more mindfulness in the anxious, modern world with interactive exercises.

Activity Diversity

Easily browse and experiment with different activities to find what works for you. Whether you need to visualize a thought floating away, pop bubbles or have a breathing session, Worry Kit has you covered.

Worry Kit Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Sometimes I just need to focus on something else other than negative thoughts. Was looking for something easy that didn't ask for tons of registration information. Thanks for building this, Mr. Developer

Jay Y.

This app is super helpful when I'm feeling anxious or worried. So grateful it exists.

Adam G.

It has pleasant design that puts you in a calming mindset and encourages you to try a variety of relaxing activities. Great for any circumstance when you need to disconnect for a few minutes and refresh your brain.

Steph W.

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